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Real Life Answers

By Vincent M. Newfield

Newfields / Paperback / 246 Pages


Life is full of questions, and regardless of our background or current life challenges, we all want answers. Real Life Answers is a collection of practical, relevant truths which originally appeared in Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life magazine from 2005-2009. Hundreds of thousands of readers have been strengthened by these stories and principles, and our hope is that you will be, too. This classic, quick and easy to read collection will help you answer questions like…

-Can I really hear God directing me? 

-What does faith look like in seasons of change?

-How do I find and live out my calling in life? 

-What do I need to do to experience real joy? 

-How important is spending time in God’s                presence and His Word?

Real Life Answers is great for believers of any age to study on their own, or even with a group. Strengthen your faith and strengthen your relationship with Christ!

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